Updates Amid Pandemic

Posted by Caleb Kercheval on

Hello all,

As is the case for most other businesses, our operations are hindered by this COVID pandemic. Our entire staff will be working remotely, and the affairs we conduct exclusively in our office will be halted. Our warehouse will still be functional, so do not hesitate to place orders for any book of ours you've been interested in (ordering directly from our website would be your best bet). 

More than anything we want our fans to stay healthy during this crisis, so please keep up-to-date on recommendations from the CDC and the WHO, stay isolated as best you can to slow the spread of the virus, and if you get bored in quarantine, all of our books are available on the major ebook services.

Thanks! And feel free to pre-order William Wells's new Jack Starkey mystery The Now-And-Then Detective, available at the end of this month!

The Permanent Press

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