Jack Starkey Mysteries

William Wells’ Jack Starkey mystery series features a retired Chicago homicide detective living in Fort Myers Beach, a little town on Southwest Florida’s Gulf Coast, where he owns a bar named The Drunken Parrot and resides on a houseboat named Phoenix. Jack has a lovely Cuban-American girlfriend named Marisa Fernandez and a pal, Cubby Cullen, who is the town’s police chief. Another friend, Bill Stevens, a Chicago Tribune police reporter, writes a series of best-selling crime novels based upon Jack’s career. From time to time, Cubby Cullen persuades Jack to consult with local police departments, including his own, on homicide investigations. That’s when the fun – and the trouble – begins. The first book in the series is Detective Fiction. The critics raved about the book. Publishers Weekly said, “Starkey’s adventures are pointed and hilarious. Beautiful women, expensive automobiles, and fabulous cuisine pop up scene after scene, sprinkled with moments excerpted from the latest Jack Stoney novel. Fans of Carl Hiaasen and John D. MacDonald will find a lot to like.” The second book is The Dollar-A-Year Detective, so named because that’s the salary that the Fort Myers Bach Police Department pays Jack for his help with another murder investigation. Said Bruce DeSilva, reviewing for The Associated Press, “Wells laces his story with humor … It’s an entertaining, well-written read that’s well worth the time.” The third book, to be published in early 2020, is The Now-And-Then Detective. When an 82-year-old Chicago billionaire, is murdered in his winter home in Naples, Jack takes on the case, one of the most challenging he has ever faced.

Born in Detroit, William Wells is a graduate of Hamilton College with a B.A. in English literature. He served aboard a Navy destroyer and as a Navy journalist, and he was a radio disc jockey, newspaper staff writer, author of an internationally syndicated comic strip, speechwriter for the Governor of Michigan, marketing agency executive, and custom publishing company owner. In addition to the three Jack Starkey books, his previously published novels include Hope’s Road, Ride Away Home, and Face of the Devil.

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