Josie Corsino Mysteries

Hollywood is a glamorous place to many people, but to Captain Josie Corsino and the officers in her Los Angeles Police Department division it’s a cauldron of crime simmering on the edge of boiling over. Connie Dial’s Josie Corsino mystery series is a rare look at the streets and back alleys of Hollywood, the seamier side tourists rarely see where drugs, prostitution, crime and corruption thrive. Throughout the six-book series, Captain Corsino demonstrates that she is not the typical LAPD manager. Her officers describe her as a frustrated street cop who can’t sit back and just supervise. Her best friend and buddy is Lieutenant Marge Bailey, a tall beautiful blonde who has a salty, four-letter vocabulary, cocky attitude and loves catching criminals. Josie’s longtime confidant Detective Red Behan is a talented, cranky homicide supervisor, an alcoholic who’s been married five times but keeps looking for the perfect rich old woman.

In Fallen Angels, the murder of a 17-year-old Hollywood starlet and her agent starts the series. The victim’s little black book names some of LA’s political elite as well as corrupt cops. Captain Corsino navigates the politics of the LAPD and city government to investigate the crime while dealing with a shaky marriage and troubled son at home. Every installment in the series has the authentic feel of someone who has been there and knows the procedures, tactics, and banter among real cops. Two books, Set the Night on Fire and The Snow Raven go back to the raucous 70’s and 80’s in Los Angeles, a time when the city seemed to be too big and too corrupt to police.

Captain Connie Dial is a 27-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department. She writes from personal knowledge and experience having been a working cop and retiring as the commanding officer of LAPD’s Hollywood Division. Her other books include the Mike Turner detective series and The Third Hell.

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