Tango Down

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Quick Overview :

By Chris Knopf

264 Pages

ISBN 9781579625016

Tango Down

A routine visit to one of Sam Acquillo’s job sites becomes any thing but. The home’s owner, Victor Bollings, is lying in a pool of blood, the back of his head bashed in. One of Sam’s closest friends in the cabi netry trade is quickly behind bars as the obvious suspect. For the cops, this is all standard operating procedure. But as it turns out, noth ing about the case is routine, obvi ous or standard in any way. Sam and defense attorney Jackie Swaitkowski are used to an uneasy, though often reciprocal, relation ship with law enforcement. But when the chief of police tells Sam to stay the hell away, this time he really means it. For Sam and Jackie, words like this are highly moti vational, until strange new forces emerge from the shadows. Forces from well beyond the borders of Southampton, from worlds as sinis ter as they are unfathomable. That doesn’t mean Sam and Jackie still don’t have a job to do. And a responsibility to defend the utterly defenseless: a Colombian immigrant with no legal status, no political power and no alibi, with the full weight of the judicial system—local, state, national and international—arrayed against him. The eighth edition of the Sam Acquillo Mystery Series disrupts the illusion that the Hamptons are safely immune from the struggles that enflame much of the world. It’s an examination of how fear of the unknown ignites prejudice and hate, overturning norms of decency and principle. For Sam and Jackie, it’s also a les son in the interconnectedness of e

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