Standing at the Crossroads

Standing at the Crossroads

  • $26.00

Quick Overview :

By Charles Davis

ISBN 9781579622138

Two people, two faiths, one hope, one destiny . . . .

A white woman and a black man, stranded in the desert in a land laid waste by an undeclared war. She is a campaigning academic and believes in justice, absolutely. He is a barefoot librarian and believes in books, just about. Hunted by The Warriors of God, they must take refuge in the mountains and learn to live with their divergent beliefs if they are to survive.

Examining themes broached in Charles Davis' first novel (Walk On, Bright Boy),
Standing At The Crossroads explores the parallels between walking and reading, the nature of belief, and the transformational power of storytelling.

As the two protagonists are pursued across the mountains, they discover an unlikely love that is of itself their best riposte to the fanatics who want to kill them, and which reaches its climax in the shattering, final confrontation.

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