Spice Trade

Spice Trade

  • $29.95

Quick Overview :

By Erik Mauritzson

ISBN 175786

When a terrified woman falls from a rooftop across the street, Sweden's Chief Superintendent Walther Ekman is unexpectedly thrust into an international investigation that threatens to end with his death. As the search deepens, Ekman and his team gradually uncover a multinational drug and human trafficking ring with an influential clientele. After an unexpected Moroccan connection is made, Ekman is led to a remote farmhouse prison outside Stockholm that held kidnapped women, where he discovers that a Moroccan confederate has exacted a terrible revenge.With his friends from the Criminal Investigations Department, Garth Rystrom and Valdis Granholm, Ekman travels to Morocco to rescue five trafficked witnesses and uncover the foreign assassin. They find themselves in the middle of a politically sensitive operation to close down the ring, becoming targets for the vindictive head of the Moroccan network. Although his investigation of the traffickers has ended successfully, Ekman is still hunting for the hidden murderer he knows must be somewhere out there. Erik Mauritzson, an attorney, has worked as a court administrator, central bank official, financial consultant, university professor, editor in chief of a legal publishing house, newspaper columnist, and military intelligence specialist. Compulsively curious about the world, he's traveled throughout Sweden and 32 other countries, living for a year in a Japanese fishing village in northern Hokkaido.Spice Trade is his second mystery novel featuring Chief Superintendent Walther Ekman.

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