Our Marriage Counselor

Our Marriage Counselor

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Quick Overview :

By Carl Tiktin

ISBN 9781579624927

Jonathan Meltzer, a marriage counselor at the Jamaica, Queens Family Center, falls in love with the wife of a married couple he is counseling. The husband, Thaddeus Carmichael, almost immediately discerns what is going on and decides to encourage a romance between his beautiful wife, Beverly, and Jonathan. Thaddeus wants to catch them doing something so that he can sue the hell out of the Jamaica Family Center and collect a huge financial settlement.

Jonathan further complicates his life by letting his infatuation for Beverly become known to his super-acerbic girlfriend, Arlene, during a fuzzy pot-filled interlude. Meanwhile, Jonathan's new-age shrink, Timothy Mitchell, in-between his own breakdowns, advises Jonathan to go right ahead and do what he has to do.

In addition to being a very funny novel, Our Marriage Counselor explores ethnic issues in a completely open, honest, and frank light. The novel plays around with normally heavy themes without itself being heavy in the least.

Carl Tiktin was in his early forties when he started his career as a playwright after retiring from the insurance business. He had plays and readings at Playwrights Horizons, The New York Theatre Ensemble, The Direct Theatre, and the HB Studio. Then, much to his surprise, a play turned into a novel--The Hourglass Man, followed up by another novel, Ron, both published by Arbor House. Good-bye theatre! His short stories have appeared in the GW ReviewHippocampusIdeaGems , and Avalon Review. He recently had another novel, A Perception of Murder, published by Oak Tree Press.

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