Not When I'm Gone

Not When I'm Gone

  • $29.95

Quick Overview :

By Roger Salloch

ISBN 9781579626563


Beyond the backdrop of mother nature, the sea, the woods, the tides, the seasons, sunrise and sunsets is the good and bad of human nature.

On an island called Pulpit, locals from downstreet and wealthy summer people disrupt the island's calm. It's Fourth of July weekend. Locals are drinking, partying, waiting for fireworks. The Coast Guard s cruising the bay and partying too. It is the perfect moment for a multi-million dollar drug drop the take place. A boat from Panama is hardly noticed when it slips into the bay.

Not When I'm Gone is told from alternating points of view: Famel, Sarah, Rick, Emily. The women try to help the men they love, the men try to help themselves. The stakes are high and the fall from grace is dramatic.

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