My Impending Death

My Impending Death

  • $29.00

Quick Overview :

By Michael Laser

ISBN 9781579624002




A Saint?

Angus Truax - Mr. Misery to his colleagues - profiles victims of misfortune. His articles touch hearts and inspire charity. Unfortunately for Angus, he loathes his job, his subjects and his life - so much that he decides to end it.

More fool than Hamlet, this unlikely hero jokes his way to the grave, soothing his own despair with rude, audacious honesty.

But even a suicidal hermit can't shut out life completely. Before he can make his exit, one last unlucky soul comes knocking at his door, pleading for help. Angus finds himself in what he calls the world's oldest trap.

To his astonishment, he discovers that his story isn't over yet.

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