Cries of the Lost

Cries of the Lost

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Quick Overview :

By Chris Knopf

ISBN 9781579623326

Library Journal names Cries of the Lost a Best Mystery of 2013.

One of the best, top-rated mystery thriller and suspense books you'll read this year. If you're looking for a genuine edge-of-your seat read, a thrilling mystery adventure awaits. From award-winning mystery book favorite Chris Knopf.

"The Nero Award winning Knopf's sequel to the must-read Dead Anyway is a storytelling gem of a caper. The author is particularly talented at filling in a complicated backstory, balancing light humor with violence and maintaining a blistering pace." --Library Journal, Starred Review

"A high-spirited romp with more exotic locations than the last three James Bond films." -Kirkus

When Arthur Cathcart emerged from a coma and set out to track down whoever murdered his wife, the results were far from pre-ordained. Wounded and alone, grief-stricken and hiding off the grid, he thought the only mystery was who killed Florencia, and why?

Now, in place of "who killed Florencia?" he's forced to ask "who was Florencia?"

So Arthur takes off again to do what he knew he did best: Finding stuff out.

What follows is a chase around the world. Cathcart plunges into the world of international terrorism and government intrigue, where the currency is betrayal and the rewards are calculated in blood and revenge.

More Praise:"As a thriller, Cries of the Lost is hugely enjoyable. The prose is a joy to read with hardly a word surplus to requirements as we hurtle through to another moment of calm reflection at the end. From my point of view, the next in the series can t come quickly enough." --David Marshall, Thinking About Books

"Cries of the Lost is an engrossing novel that will challenge your cognition as you attempt to solve and unravel the plot. Chris Knopf has a gifted imagination that promises spectacular and unexpected adventure to engage readers. With the successful pairing of Arthur and Natsumi, a third book would be welcomed. Cries of the Lost will undoubtedly be a 2013 Best Pick." --Wisteria Leigh

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