Love in the Time of Apartheid

Love in the Time of Apartheid

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Quick Overview :

By Frederic Hunter

ISBN 9781579624446

Gat, a 30-year-old member of the Katanga Gendarmerie, the Belgian colonial police force, is sent from the newly independent Congo to South Africa with a wallet full of blood money and instructions to "Disappear." He arrives there, bearing a secret and searching for redemption.

In Cape Town he meets Petra, the 18-year-old daughter of Piet Rousseau, who heads the Bureau of State Security for the apartheid government. When Gat and Piet meet at her parent's home their interaction is chilly, for Gat makes it clear that he does not believe in apartheid. And it soon becomes clear that Piet can employ draconian measures against anyone trying to oppose the regime's separation of the races.

Gat and Petra are strongly attracted to one another. About to start university, Petra wants desperately to escape the overprotective care of her father. What better way to do this than to begin a passionate love affair with a mysterious man she hardly knows?

When Petra and Gat set off on a road trip, the battle between Piet and Gat is fully engaged, and the outcome for all three of these people remains in limbo until the novel ends.

This historical novel, based on actual events, provides a hair-rising look at the worst-of-times under the Afrikaner regime.

Frederic Hunter's first encounter with Africa came as a Foreign Service Officer of the United States Information Service assigned to the Congo. He served there in three posts: Coquilhatville, Bukavu, and Leopoldville. After taking a master's degree from UCLA in African Studies, he served as the Africa Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor.

A playwright and screenwriter as well as a novelist, his award-winning stage work The Hemingway Play received a workshop production at the Eugene O Neill Playwrights Conference and was produced by PBS' Hollywood Television Theater series. Movies Hunter has written have been produced by PBS, ABC and CBS. He has also taught screenwriting at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference, at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and at Principia College where he also gave a course in Modern African Literature.

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