Evergreen (Willie Black Mystery #8)

Evergreen (Willie Black Mystery #8)

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By thepermanentpress.com

ISBN 978-1579625733

Willie Black knew he had a father, even if he didn't know where he was buried. It wasn't like Artie Lee gave his son anything but his genes. He died when Willie was 15 months old, and Artie and Peggy never married. They couldn't have, in the segregated commonwealth of Virginia in 1960. Then, in January of 2018, Artie Lee, dead almost 57 years, reinserts himself into his son's life. Philomena Slade calls Willie, the mixed-race night-cops reporter for the local daily rag, to her death bed to ask him a favor he can't refuse: Keep Artie's grave clean. She's been doing it after everybody else who knew him either died or chose to forget they ever knew Artie Lee. Willie Black finds his father's final resting place in Evergreen, an abandoned cemetery on the east side of Richmond where full-grown trees and thickets obscure memorials to people who, like Artie Lee, are long forgotten. Willie soon discovers that the almost-impenetrable wilderness of Evergreen is a metaphor for his search for Artie.

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