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  • Jaden Terrell
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  • Steve Zousmer
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Falling Into the Mob - Steve Zousmer
Available now in hardcover and ebook formats!

Falling into the mob

"At 59, corporate speechwriter Phillip Vail is contemplating a bleak future. He’s divorced, his only child lives half a continent away, and he has just one client left, retired CEO Pete Draybin. Then a chance encounter on a train with a woman—who turns out to be Sylvia Sforza, daughter of dying New York    Mafia boss Jacopo (Jake) Sforza—leads to an incident that draws Phil into the crime family, against all of his better instincts. Jake offers Phil the leadership of the Sforza family after his death at the same time that Draybin decides to make a run for the presidency, with Phil’s role in the campaign alternately diminished and increased. The one thing Phil is sure of is his reciprocated love for Sylvia, but whether to be capo or speechwriter is a tough call, ultimately resolved in a potentially lethal scene in a fabulously expensive Manhattan restaurant before Phil’s application of corporate advice to the criminal world averts disaster. Former speechwriter Zousmer has a light touch with fast-moving prose as he not only spins an entertaining caper but also ruminates about retirement and its waste of valuable human capital. A winner for fans of both business books and lighthearted mysteries" --Booklist

"Told in smart-alecky prose and filled with wit, humor, and farcical flair, including an all-out fist and bullet fight in a high-end East Side restaurant, Falling Into the Mob has enough blood and gore and political cynicism to make it seem plausible. If truth sometimes can sometimes be stranger than fiction, fiction can sometimes be more powerful than facts.  As Phil says, “Why lose credibility by telling the truth?” "--Joan Baum, NPR