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The Mysteries of Soldiers Grove - Paul Zimmer

The Mysteries of Soldiers Grove

"Age is no barrier to dreams, a truth flawlessly illustrated in Paul Zimmer’s debut novel, The Mysteries of Soldiers Grove. Although this sounds like a convenient setup for what could have been a cutesy-but-light sunset romance, in author Zimmer’s hands, The Mysteries of Soldiers Grove becomes a treatise on what matters most in life. Adventure or comfort. Truth or well-crafted lies. Giving or taking. There is terror here, as well as courage and self-sacrifice, and binding them all together is page after page of gorgeous prose. Zimmer, a poet and journalist, has received eight Pushcart prizes, as well as an Award for Literature from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, among others. If you appreciate the very finest of American literature, read this book. Gunfire optional.Mystery Scene Magazine

"Poet Zimmer has crafted a superior love story between two nursing home residents set in the little town of Soldiers Grove, Wis. Cyril, awkward and clueless, sets out to woo a new resident, sophisticated French-born Louise. The pair begins a series of gradually bolder escapes from the facility, until the return of an enemy from Cyril's past puts them in peril. Zimmer nails the small intimacies that gradually build the trust, love, and hope between Cyril and Louise, including a remarkable scene in which they share a dance using their canes as props."
—Publishers Weekly, starred review

The Home Front

The Home Front - Margaret Vandenburg

"Vandenburg has a clear understanding of both modern warfare and autism, and her depiction of the one family's coping mechanisms is touching, realistic, and delivers a satisfying ending." Publishers Weekly

"Margaret Vandenburg's The Home Front combines a fighter pilot and his autisitic son, drone surveillance and domestic decoding, an overly-determined mother, desert joyrides, hamburgers with relish, and a questionable online guru to produce a compelling portrait of an American family on the verge of a nervous breakdown." Eliza Factor author of The Mercury Fountain and Love Maps

"Vandenburg excels at writing about the military and the drone program. She creates a solid comparison between the targeted, precise, and finite warfare and the vast, malleable and uncertain world of Autism treatment." —Entertainment Realm