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  • David Freed
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HOT START - David Freed 
Available now in hardcover and ebook formats!

Hot Start

"Another well-written yarn told with both a streak of quirky humor and a sense of authenticity. And like many real-life action heroes, as opposed to most fictional ones, Cordell Logan is as uncomfortable with violence as he is capable of it."  
Associated Press

"A double murder propels Freed’s well-paced, action-filled fifth mystery featuring flight instructor and former government assassin Cordell Logan. Late one night, big-game hunt guru Roy Hollister and his wife take a swim in the Africa-shaped pool on their estate in Rancho Bonita, Calif. The next morning, a gardener finds their bodies in the pool, each shot with large-caliber rifle bullets of a type used to fell elephants. When the police arrest animal-rights activist Dino Birch for the crime, Logan’s former father-in-law asks him to find out whether Birch is innocent. " 
Publishers Weekly

"Freed’s fifth adventure featuring Logan will be easily accessible to readers new to the series. Fast paced with generous dollops of humor and populated with vividly crafted and colorful characters, this will satisfy admirers of W.L. Ripley’s ‘Wyatt Storme’ and ‘Cole Springer’ thrillers.—Library Journal, starred review