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GUY NOVEL - Michael Ryan 
Available now in hardcover and ebook formats!

Guy Novel

"Set in L.A. in 1996, Ryan’s first novel blends old-fashioned romance and humorous adventure. One unusually rainy day, Robert Wilder drives beautiful bank teller Sabine to her home in Malibu, where they end up in bed, even though he's supposed to marry his fiancée, Doris, that same day. Robert soon discovers that his pickup's name isn't Sabine, it isn't her home, and, no surprise, his wedding to Doris is off. Sabine disappears only to reappear as the super-competent Angela Chase whose brother has been kidnapped and held for ransom. Ryan takes the reader on a really fun thrill ride."  
Publishers Weekly

"Guy Novel, is part wildly improbable spy thriller and part goofy love story in the vein of The Hangover movie trilogy...Readers are in for a funny, beautifully written roller-coaster ride." 
Associated Press

"What a wild, weird romp award-winning poet and memoirist Michael Ryan pulls off in his debut fiction, Guy Novel...It's a sensual love story and also a nutty adventure tale that bops across continents. It's serious, until it's not, and then it becomes farcical. It also nods to cultural criticism as it takes aim at the entertainment industry in California, its high-powered and expensive agents and lawyers, its stars and wannabes, and its upscale in spots where deals are made and unmade. It's no spoiler to note that in Guy Novel the guy gets the girl, after losing her a couple of times, but what a girl, what a guy and what a lark Michael Ryan's contrived. And some of the jokes are a hoot." —NPR