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  • Eleanor Lerman
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Recent Reviews

Radiomen - Eleanor Lerman


"This literary science fiction novel comes from Lerman (Janet Planet), an award-winning poet. Laurie Perzin, a "post-hippie-jack-of-all service-trades" bartender, works nights at a sports bar located at JFK Airport. One night, she calls in to the psychic Ravenette's radio talk show, who conjures up a vision of the space alien encounter Laurie had as a six-year-old. Laurie accepts Ravenette's invitation to visit her, but then discovers Ravenette is a key figure in the Scientology-like cult known as The Blue Awareness now headed by the founder's son, Raymond Gilmartin. Laurie's refusal to cooperate stirs up trouble with the cult, and she secures help when a neighbor gives her a mysterious loyal watchdog she names Digitaria. As Lerman's entertaining second novel winds to its conclusion, it'll leave readers wondering if there might be life out there.—Publishers Weekly

"This novel has an inspiring premise and an even better plot. It’s a hybrid between conventional novel and science the end of any good book what readers ask themselves is, “What did it all mean?” and, more importantly, “What does it mean to my life?” These are questions that Radiomen asks in multiple ways."  —New York Journal of Books

Palm Beach Nasty

Palm Beach Nasty - Tom Turner

"Charlie Crawford was a New York homicide cop looking for a softer life. He thought he might find it in Palm Beach, and unfortunately he did. Bored out of his mind after months of writing up tickets for trespass, he comes across the real thing: “A body dangling from the thick, shiny branch of a banyan tree.” It’s a pleasure to watch craftsmen at work, and that describes the author as well as his cops." Booklist

"Turner’s entertaining debut blends desperate criminals, social climbers, merciless billionaires, and surprising heroes." Publishers Weekly