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THE GOOD LIFE - Marian Thurm

The Good Life

"When a man buys a gun on the first page of a book, trouble is in store. While the narrative of the Stacy and Roger Goldenhar's trip to Florida proceeds on its relentless path, their back story is revealed in a parallel narrative...Thurm has created an extremely lovable character in Stacy, and the reader's anxiety about her situation mounts as we see everything about her husband that she does not...All the minor characters in the novel are spot-on down to the slogans on their T-shirts...Thurm simultaneously creates and destroys a brightly detailed domestic world in this relentlessly paced, ultimately pitch-dark emotional thriller."
Kirkus Reviews

"The narrative toggles effortlessly between present and past, detailing the Goldenhar marriage of almost nine years, with the mood darkening appreciably as drafts of Roger's suicide note appear; only stroking the Glock he keeps in his glove compartment seems to soothe him. Thurm, a master of the short story, can delineate characters decisively in a few strokes, and she establishes Stacy, who works for paltry wages at a nonprofit, as a foil for Roger's material standards. But the real coup here is making domestic fiction into breathtaking suspense. It's hard to put this one down." --Booklist

"Thurm creates memorable and vividly realistic scenes...A well-written, tense, yet ultimately depressing story about a privileged family on the brink of disaster. Recommended for fans of authors such as Laura Lippman and Megan Abbott." --Library Journal