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  • Connie Dial
  • William Wells
  • Lisa King
  • Howard Owen
  • Jaden Terrell
  • Chris Knopf
  • Eleanor Lerman
  • Tom Turner
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Recent Reviews

Radiomen - Eleanor Lerman (Coming January!)


"When Laurie calls into a late-night radio show to talk to a psychic as a lark one night, she has no idea that this connection will turn her world upside down. Before she can even speak, the psychic, Ravenette, is able to discern an image from Laurie’s childhood: an alien being Laurie saw in her uncle’s apartment four decades ago. Though Laurie quickly hangs up, the show’s host, Jack, begins calling her, telling her he knew her uncle, Avi, a science teacher with an interest in satellites and tracking radio frequencies. And Ravenette is after Laurie, too: the psychic is part of a cult-like organization known as Blue Awareness that believes humans share a common lineage with aliens. Laurie simply wants to be left alone, but Blue Awareness becomes increasingly menacing, and she finds herself growing close to Jack as she discovers that the alien she saw as a child wants something from her now. Poet Lerman’s second novel is both a sharp send-up of Scientology and an intriguing aliens-among-us-tale." —Booklist

"This novel has an inspiring premise and an even better plot. It’s a hybrid between conventional novel and science the end of any good book what readers ask themselves is, “What did it all mean?” and, more importantly, “What does it mean to my life?” These are questions that Radiomen asks in multiple ways."  —New York Journal of Books

River of Glass

River of Glass - Jaden Terrell (Available now!)

"Over the last two years, a number of message books have been published where the authors discuss contemporary issues and indicate quite firmly how we should feel about them. This book has a well-established context for the issue and, more importantly, allows matters to develop organically rather than foist ever darker situations on to our plates to engage our sympathies. Jared McKean’s niece has gone missing after arriving in America. It’s likely she’s being sold. Since family is involved, he gets actively engaged in chasing down every clue. All is told in pleasingly spiky prose which positively bristles with the darker side of wit. This is strongly recommended." San Francisco Book Reivew (Five Stars)

"This Jared McKean mystery is a worthy successor to the first two, with a tough yet sympathetic protagonist who goes to all ends for friends and family. Solid plotting and well-drawn characters make this a series to add to any hardboiled-mystery reader’s list." Booklist