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Love in the time of Apartheid - Frederic Hunter
Available now in hardcover and ebook formats!

Love in the time of Apartheid

"A quasi-political thriller and love story set in 1960s Africa. Gat, aka Adriaan Gautier, has been given instructions by his Belgian superiors in the Congo: "disappear." With $2,000 American and a forged passport, he flees to South Africa to reinvent himself and shrug off the demons that haunt him from his soldiering in Prime Minster Patrice Lumumba's new Congo. The lonely Gat eyes an 18-year-old beauty from an Afrikaner and English family, and he begins a promising courtship. But Petra is the daughter of a racist Cape Town police colonel, and Gat abhors apartheid. Gat, who is guilt-ridden and fighting nightmares of murder, helps Petra see beyond her family's prejudices. When a black woman is struck by a car, however, Petra's rushed conversion to fervent good Samaritan-ism may be a bit too convenient. The lovers skip town and marry, but Petra's enraged father won't let them go easily. This novel's hodgepodge of subplots hiding spies, thwarted romance, systemic racism ultimately coalesces. Hunter, a former Africa Correspondent of the Christian Science Monitor, ably captures South Africa. Plain prose and dialogue keep the pace motoring, and the simply told espionage storyline may appeal to Ian Fleming fans. There is daring, intrigue, and an ugly current of racism, but make no mistake, this is a love story at its core. Austere and well-told; an unlikely mix of espionage, apartheid, and love on the run."." --Kirkus Reviews

""With a nod to Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Love in the Time of Cholera, Frederic Hunter beautifully explores the subtle and sensual power of love as a counter force to the diseases of racism and war. Though set in South Africa, with nightmare flashbacks to the Congo when Lamumba was assassinated, the suspenseful narrative resonates with deeply moving timeliness." "--Joan Baum, NPR