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  • Victoria N. Alexander
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  • Michael Laser
  • Erik Mauritzson
  • David Freed
  • Howard Owen
  • Chris Knopf
  • Margaret Vandenburg
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GRENDEL'S GAME - Erik Mauritszon

Grendel's Game

"Chief Walther Ekman of Weltenborg, Sweden, the clever, overweight hero of this well-constructed and multilayered debut, receives a bizarre letter from someone signing himself Grendel, who boasts of his taste for human flesh. Ekman takes the letter seriously, and soon a combination of missing-person cases and further communications from Grendel make it clear that he's a threat and Ekman is one of his targets. An excellent cast of characters, especially Ekman, will leave readers hoping to see more of them in a sequel."  —Publishers Weekly

"Imagine The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, blended with Hannibal Lecter, and seasoned with a touch of Jack Sprat. The result is a detailed investigative mystery, with a wealth of house and home, and just that hint of conviction that things will somehow have to go wrong. Grendel's Game is a complex mystery, flavored with detail, weight and family affection. When the endgame is played out and the last page turned, the victor might demand the spoils, or live to fight more monsters another day. You'll have to follow a long dark journey into the mind, and balance the weights of body and soul together, to resolve it all." —Sheila's Reviews