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CONCRETE CARNIVAL - Danner Darcleight 
Available now in hardcover and ebook formats!

Concrete Carnival

"Concrete Carnival by Danner Darcleight is a shocking but important book, arguably one of the most literate and insightful disclosures about incarceration to come along in a while...A scorching personal narrative written in a conversational, dispassionate voice by a man serving 25-to-life for a heroin-fueled double murder committed when he was in his early 20s. Darcleight's not looking for absolution, however. He knows he'll feel guilt and remorse forever, even though--miracle of miracles--he found love with a solid-citizen woman who started corresponding with him about her drug-addicted son...The book alternates present-tense observations and memories of a carefree childhood when Darcleight and his younger brother accompanied their parents, well-off immigration lawyers, to exotic places. His anguish is remembering that time 'when play was simple and life was an azure pool so full of promise there was no need for hope.' The best he can do now is trust to the promise of his name: dark-light."  NPR

"Powerful...Here, prison isn't a cold, heartless place; it's the author's home. And his fellow prisoners aren't prison-movie archetypes; they're real people. A less-talented writer might have turned out a book that was simply a retread of other prison memoirs; Darcleight has given us something fresh, entertaining, insightful, and poignant." Booklist

"This is a powerful memoir by first-time author Darcleight, who is currently serving 25 years to life for murder, a crime that he barely remembers committing while deeply addicted to heroin...Darcleight has written a searing look at life inside the criminal justice system.—Publishers Weekly