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The Mask of Sanity - Jacob M. Appel
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The Mask of Sanity

"This novel lays bare the mind of a sociopath whose accomplishments, normal life and respected position disguise his true nature. At 34, cardiologist Jeremy Balint is the youngest head of any medical division at his hospital. Married and the father of two daughters, his princesses, whose welfare he values above all else, Balint is stunned to find evidence of his wife Amanda's infidelity with Warren Sugarman, a hospital colleague. Now, he realizes, "playing by the rules was for losers." If he could murder Sugarman without getting caught, he would—and why should an intelligent man like him get caught? Balint develops a careful plan, designed to ensure getting away with murder, that will entail multiple victims.But Balint's actions affect his marriage in a way he doesn't expect, and the novel ends with a hint that his mask has slipped. Appel (The Topless Widow of Herkimer Street, 2016, etc.), a physician, attorney, and bioethicist, avoids glamorizing his sociopath or wallowing in bloodbath crimes. Instead, this is a thoughtful, subtle dissection of how a certain kind of sociopath, found "in the highest echelons of power," operates. Perhaps what Appel does most interestingly is to show how Balint fails to understand himself or how others see him. Intelligent and chilling. --Kirkus Reviews

"Through matter-of-fact, nonjudgmental prose, Appel (The Biology of Luck) shows us the world through Balint’s eyes and leaves the reader with a horrifying understanding of his actions. "--Publishers Weekly