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  • Jacob M. Appel
  • Randy Ross
  • Saikat Majumdar
  • Baron Birtcher
  • James Conroy
  • Howard Owen
  • Kathleen Novak
  • Erik Mauritzson


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The Devil's Triangle - Howard Owen
The Devil's TriangleAvailable soon!

"The latest in Owen’s Willie Black series finds the Richmond, Virginia, police reporter continuing to fight a rearguard action against the crumbling newspaper business. His own paper has been firing staff by the dozens, and while Willie has survived so far, his hours have been cut, leaving the fifty-something wretch no longer as ink-stained as he’d like to be. Then a twin-engine Beechcraft flies directly into a tavern frequented by lawyers, and Willie is on the trail of a big story, reduced hours be damned. No, it quickly turns out, ISIS has not targeted sleepy Richmond, but questions remain: Did the alcoholic pilot, a former Richmond resident, aim at the tavern in some kind of revenge-fueled suicide, or was the crash merely a tragic accident? The rejuvenated Willie follows the story to a small Chesapeake Bay town, where he uncovers a tale of quiet desperation turned violent. Throughout this series, and especially in this installment, Owen has invested the familiar stereotype of the rumpled, disaffected, hard-drinking reporter with new life, finding a richness and complexity in Willie that entertains as it enlightens.          — Bill Ott, Booklist