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  • Erik Mauritzson
  • Jeffrey B. Burton
  • E.L. Carter
  • David Freed
  • Kaushik Barua
  • Chris Knopf
  • Maria Flook
  • William Herrick


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Recent Reviews

Warning Shots by Connie Dial

Available March!

In Dial’s solid fifth Josie Corsino mystery (after 2016’s Set the Night on Fire), the LAPD captain has a lot on her plate at the Hollywood police station, including mentoring troubled Sgt. Dan “Mac” McSweeney, chasing rogue ex-cop Marvin Wright, and tracking a possible serial killer targeting gay men. As always, she must contend with her rigid boss, Deputy Chief Dempsey, and his toady, Sgt. Timothy Scott. A fatal attack on Howard Burke, the civilian member of the board that fired Wright, and a firebombing of Corsino’s home keep tension high. Fortunately, Corsino can rely on her homicide supervisor, Red Behan, and her lover, Kyle Richards, a watch commander in a different LAPD division, for support. Dial throws in some unexpected twists, but the book’s primary attraction is the way Corsino is able to successfully maneuver herself and her police team through these various minefields, even when Burke’s killer may be one of their own. Fans of realistic police procedurals will be satisfied. -Publishers Weekly