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As we begin our 40th year of publishing, I feel it’s important to honor Leonard Rosen’s third novel, The Kortelisy Escape, our final 2018 novel which was hailed by the critics when it was released last November. Publishers Weekly called it “a quirkily endearing gem of a crime novel as 66-year-old convict Nate Larson agrees to testify against his brother, Dima, who’s charged with human trafficking in an upcoming mob-related trial, in return for parole and custody of his 14-year-old granddaughter, Grace, who has been raised in a series of foster homes. Having learned stage magic in prison, Nate plans to go on a magic tour of New England with Grace as his assistant, then escape into Canada after his last performance to avoid testifying against Dima. Meanwhile, Nate must outdo Houdini if he’s to save himself and his family in the greatest escape trick of his life. Distinctive characters, a tightly woven plot, and polished prose make this a winner.” Kirkus Reviews said this was “written by a master storyteller who weaves a tale of love, pain, and sleight of hand. The plotting is clever and the details are touching: Nate and Grace might be related to Harry Houdini. The story twists, turns, and—presto! A brilliant solution. Readers will be rooting for Nate and Grace in this clever and richly enjoyable novel.”

Which brings us up to the eleven books we are offering in 2019: two new thrillers set in Richmond by Howard Owen, (Scuffletown in January and Evergreen in July), Charles Davis’ return to the fold with The Measure of the World, Chris Knopf's latest thriller Deep Dive in June, Eleanor Lerman’s second novel with us Satellite Street. First-timers with us by Asian-American writers are SWIM from Eric C. Wat and Khanh Ha’s Mrs. Rossi’s Dream set in Vietnam. New titles from people we’ve not published before: Captives by Reiner Prochaska, set in a prisoner-of-war camp in America housing captured German soldiers, Post Facto by Darryl Wimberley, and Westfarrow Island, a mystery by Paul A. Barra. Last is a wild, wacky and unpredictable novel from Howard Mittelmark, Written Out, which closes out this year’s list.

Judith and Martin Shepard co-publishers

catalog illustrations: Mac Shepard (August 1907—May 14 1972)