About The Permanent Press


To end the summer we released SWIM by Eric C. Wat, an emotional novel about a gay Chinese-American man saddled with taking care of his entire family when his mother dies. Asian-American Literature Fans said "Wat allows Carson's personality and motivations to emerge with some grace, which enables the narrative only to grow richer by the conclusion."

At the end of September we released Eleanor Lerman's new LGBTQ novel Satellite Street, and at the end of October we will be releasing Captives by Reiner Prochaska, a thriller that takes place in a POW camp in Maryland during World War II. We also celebrated the sales of the entire Willie Black Series by Howard Owen to Blackstone Audio.

On behalf of The Permanent Press, we wish everyone a cozy autumn and we hope you enjoy our books during the changing weather!

 Judith Shepard & Martin Shepard - Publishers