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Set the Night on Fire

Set the Night on Fire


Quick Overview:

Set the Night on Fire
Josie Corsino Mystery #4
ISBN: 9781579624026
304 pgs.


In 1971, Josie Corsino is unmarried Josie Pastore, a fresh face chosen from her LAPD policewoman class to be an undercover operative.

When the story begins, she’s immersed in the politics and schemes of one of the most active radical organizations in LA, but after three years on assignment she’s weary of the lifestyle and tired of lying about who she is. Josie wants to “come up,” and do police work with the same opportunities as her male counterparts.

Before that can happen, she’s arrested during a demonstration in downtown LA and upon her release from jail is told by her department contact that one of her fellow undercover officers has disappeared. Members of his group have filed a missing persons report with the police department in which they publicly blame the LAPD for his sudden disappearance. It would be an embarrassment for the department to admit the officer was spying on this particular group, so Josie is given her final undercover assignment—find the missing officer.

For protection, she forms an unlikely alliance with another UC as her search leads to an underground network of violent radicals with ties to celebrities and political figures who are unwitting participants in an imminent plan to destroy innocent people and property. By the end, both her personal and professional lives are about to undergo some drastic changes.

"Dial’s real-life experience in the LAPD allows her to cleverly delve into the mind-set and mental processes of UCs as they deconstruct the city’s crimes." —Publishers Weekly

"A treat for fans of realistic police crime drama, from a 27-year LAPD veteran." —Booklist

had firsthand experience as an undercover officer in the LAPD. As a young cop in the 1970s, she was a member of the Public Disorder Intelligence Division and during that time met her husband, Detective Jon Dial, who had been undercover for six years. She moved on to work a variety of policing jobs and retired after nearly twenty-seven years as a captain and the commanding officer of the LAPD’s Hollywood Community Police station.

Set the Night on Fire is her sixth novel, and the fourth installment of the Josie Corsino mystery series following Fallen Angels, Dead Wrong, and Unnatural Murder. Her first series about Detective Mike Turner includes Internal Affairs and The Broken Blue Line

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Author Connie Dial
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