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Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels


Quick Overview:



Captain Josie Corsino has seen plenty of dead bodies during her twenty-one years with the Los Angeles Police Department, but the discovery of Hillary Dennis's beautiful smiling corpse begins one of the most unusual and dangerous investigations of Josie's career. The troubled teenage movie star is found murdered in a Hollywood Hills party house, a notorious location for vice and drug orgies. While the investigation provides little evidence, there are plenty of suspects including a city councilman's son, several Hollywood police officers and even members of Josie's family.

As the case progresses, Josie realizes there aren't many of her subordinates or bosses she can trust other than homicide detective Red Behan and Lieutenant Marge Bailey, the vice supervisor; relying on them as she reluctantly takes charge of the homicide case, dodging interference from both inside and outside her department. The situation isn't much better at home where her husband Jake and her talented son David expose her to the sort of scrutiny that could damage or even terminate her career.

The brutal killing doesn't end with Hillary's death. Josie soon finds herself in those dangerous and deadly situations typically not considered suitable for an LAPD captain, but she's a tough cop who can run her station and still do solid police work. To catch a killer, she's willing to jeopardize her position as a commanding officer and risk losing her life - and possibly the husband and son she loves.

"The great thing about Dial is that readers know her take on the LAPD and the craziness of Hollywood crime is based on long reflection."-Booklist

"Fallen Angels kind of sneaks up on you in a way thats hard to define...Throughout the investigation, Josie remains aware of her moral and legal duties as a cop, at the cost of important relationships and possibly her career. Much of the story covers how her choices affect her colleagues and family, leaving the reader in suspense over how her life, as well as the case, will work out. This is what gives Fallen Angels its insidious quality. While the story, like most crime novels, is focused on the who-done-it-and-how plotline, each scene has an emotional subtext that seeps into the readers heart and mind. It feels like were implanted in Josies head or riding around on her shoulder, getting an up close and personal view of life as a real captain of a real police force dealing with the dark side of human nature."- NY Journal of Books

CONNIE DIALhad an extensive career in the Los Angeles Police Department. She was one of the first women to work in a patrol car and had varied assignments including undercover intelligence, Internal Affairs surveillance and many years as a narcotics detective on the streets of Hollywood before becoming the commanding officer of Hollywood Division.

This is her third book in a series of unique stories probing the edgy politics and internal workings of the LAPD -Internal AffairsandThe Broken Blue Linepreceeding. These novels expose an LAPD not usually shared outside the ranks of sworn officers and offer an authentic glimpse into the gritty world of big city policing.

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