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  • Erik Mauritzson
  • Jeffrey B. Burton
  • E.L. Carter
  • David Freed
  • Kaushik Barua
  • Chris Knopf
  • Maria Flook
  • William Herrick


A Driving Passion

A Driving Passion


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In 1975, sexual adventurer cum journalist Marco Vassi gave a series of lectures on the theme of Metasex, a term he coined to describe the realm of human sexuality beyond the purpose of procreation. The transcripts of those talks are published in this volume. Subscribing to the belief that "the only abnormality is damage," Vassi explored the farthest limits of human sexuality while maintaining both a voyeuristic detachment and a bold sense of literary exhibitionism. Convinced of the universal healing power of sex, Vassi suggested putting more love into sex by "having sex with everyone you love."

"A collection of some very frank lectures by Vassi, who as Mailer comments in his preface, 'was his own experiment.' He describes his own sexual experiences as an eight-year-old, as a 19-year-old serviceman in Japan, in New York City bathouses in the 1970s, and in his three marriages." --Publishers Weekly

"Written with much self-deprecatory humor and honesty and with a preface by Norman Mailer, A Driving Passion is at most a period piece, a fond recollection of one who gloried in the sensual freedoms of the Sexual Revolution. It should be shelved next to the diaries of the Marquis de Sade and Lucretia Borgia." --Library Journal

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Author Marco Vassi
SideBarText Preface by Norman Mailer
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