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A Buried Land

A Buried Land


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A young Lawyer returns to a drowsy Tennessee River town only to be haunted by a shameful, buried secret from his past that will prove to be his undoing.

"As inevetiably as the released waters of a great river will innundate and drown the farms and fields in their path, man's guilt will overtake him in the end. A powerful and compassionate novel laid in the area served or destroyed by the Tennessee Valley Authority. It is written with rich understatement, bordering on poetry, in the classic tradition and is tinged with the brooing sadness of man's mortality and fate's retribution." --Memphis Commercial Appeal

"The poor mourners among literary critics who have been lamenting that William Faulkner's death left nothing in the South but an aching vacuum ought to dry their tears and take a good look at Madison Jones and his ability to illuminate the dark grottoes of the midnight soul." --Chicago Sun-Times

MADISON JONES is a professor of English and University Writer-in-residence at Auburn University. His other six novels are The Innocent, Forest of the Night, An Exile, A Cry of Absence, Passage through Gehenna, and Season of the Strangler.

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