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A Billion Ways to Die

A Billion Ways to Die


Quick Overview:

A Billion Ways to Die by Chris Knopf
Arthur Cathcart Mystery #3
ISBN: 9781579623630
271 Pages 



Arthur Cathcart and Natsumi Fitzgerald wanted to believe they were free of the nearly invisible, malignant forces they had pursued, and been pursued by, across continents and oceans. The slightly brain-damaged, tech freak researcher and the black-jack dealing psychologist had convinced themselves that life aboard a sail boat in the Caribbean, incognito and in love, could be a lasting refuge. The death of that illusion was as brutal as it was abrupt. Even people who knew how to dodge ruthless outlaws and relentless law enforcement learned there were powers from which no one could ever hide.
Not in the 21st century. Not if you wanted more than to simply exist. To truly live in the world, you had to have a world that allows you to live. Soldiers fighting in Vietnam had a saying when pinned down under enemy fire: The only way out is through. And so it is that Arthur and Natsumi take to the fight, where the full expanse of both the virtual and material world is the field of engagement. Nearly blind to the threats that surround them, yet searching for that impossible path back to the ordinary lives theyd been forced to abandon.
Wiser, stronger and more experienced than they ever imagined theyd be in the art of clandestine combat, Arthur and Natsumi understand what makes you strong can also get you killed in a hurry. That the reserves of resilience and determination aren't limitless, that the power of intellect and craft dwindles in the face of a pitiless and resolute foe.
That there are a billion ways to die, but only one way to live.

"Knopf’s first two Cathcart-Fitzgerald tales (Dead Anyway, 2012, and Cries of the Lost, 2013) were widely acclaimed, and this third maintains that standard. Tension starts high and just keeps growing in this smart tale revolving around cyber security and cyber crime in which millions of dollars can be gained or lost with a keystroke. Riveting." --Booklist

"They’re back—tech genius researcher and financial wiz, Arthur Cathcart and his lady love, blackjack dealer and psychologist, Natsumi Fitzgerald. But so are some powerful adversaries, out for billions, and out for blood. Knopf’s crafted an exciting caper here that moves all over the world. It’s Arthur’s embrace of imagination as well as scientific expertise that proves most endearing in our over-specialized, data-centered world. Not your typical murder mystery but for that, well worth reading." --Joan Baum, NPR

"At the start of Knopf’s highly inventive third mystery featuring market researcher Arthur Cathcart (after 2013’s Cries of the Lost), armed men seize Cathcart and girlfriend Natsumi Fitzgerald from their sailboat and threaten them with torture unless they reveal the location of a missing billion dollars, of which they know nothing. Throughout, Cathcart proves as nimble on his feet as he is quick witted." --Publishers Weekly 
CHRIS KNOPF's ten previous mysteries have received exceptional accolades, with critics likening Sam Acquillo, the narrator of five Hamptons-based mysteries, to Dashiell Hammetts Sam Spade, Raymond Chandlers Philip Marlowe, and Robert Parkers Spenser, while repeatedly comparing Knopf to Elmore Leonard. In the process hes been a finalist for The Connecticut Book Award three times (2006, 2008, and 2010), and Head Wounds, was cited as one of the best mysteries of the year in 2008 by both Mysterious Reviews and Deadly Pleasures, while winning the 2008 Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Mystery. His thrillers have had overseas subrights sales in the UK, Canada, Japan, Spain, Turkey, Italy, China, and Germany.
Dead Anyway (2012) introduced an entirely new protagonist, Arthur Cathcart, and sets an entirely new tone and setting, and begins a series that should find Chris expanding his world-wide audience. This novel won the 2013 Nero Award, and Publishers Weekly listed it as one of the Top Twelve Mysteries of 2012. The distinguished mystery critic Hallie Ephron, writing in her years end column at the Boston Globe, named it one of The Best Ten Crime Books of 2012, for its ingenious plotting and breathless pacing, with Kirkus listing it among their Top One Hundred Novels of 2012. A sequel, Cries of the Lost, appeared in 2013.

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